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Kizzy's album 'Unspoken Rhyme'






October 27

Kizzy at 'Kracht on Tour'
Kizzy will be a guest speaker and performer at the Kracht on Tour event on the 12th of November at Maassilo in Rotterdam.
This event promotes and celebrates financial independence for women, and stimulates them through trainings and workshops.
You can sign up here.

Kizzy bij Kracht on Tour rotterdam



October 15

Kizzy at LiteRAR en Muziek
Kizzy will perform at LiteRAR Spijkenisse.
There will be several artists and different forms of art; acoustic music, poetry and singing.

LiteRAR Spijkernisse poster


October 1

Kizzy at the Korenbeurs with Schiedam Royal Men's Choir 'Orpeus'
Zaterdag 25 oktober, 18.00 uur:
Verhalenavond met Caribisch diner en muziek van Kizzy en het Schiedams Koninklijk mannenkoor Orpheus
Locatie: Korenbeurs Lange Haven 145
Toegang Kizzy's show en tentoonstelling: gratis. 
Inschrijving diners (€10,- p.p) via met vermelding naam en telefoon.

Kizzy en het Koninklijk Schiedams Mannekoor in de Korenbeurs voor Heart2Art


September 17

Kizzy in the Black Gospel Show
Kizzy will be opening the Black Gospel concert of the great Joany Muskiet (*with the Gospel Choir led by Ches Ledes). The concert is on the 27th of September at Theater Zuidplein.. Tickets:

Rehearsal with Joany Muskiet and the Gospel choir.
Kizzy rehearses with Joany Muskiet and the Gospel Choir

September 12

Kizzy in the 'Verk(n)ocht' with Heart 2 Art
Kizzy in this season's Verk(n)ocht (Ontdek Schiedam) with Heart 2 Art.
Photo: Jan Banning

Kizzy in de Verk(n)ocht met Heat 2 Art - Schiedam

August 26

Kizzy in the 'A Great Day In Rotterdam' portret
Kizzy was invited to be part of 'A great Day in Rotterdam'. This musical portret by Joop Reijngoud at the Belvédere Vehalenhuis is the Dutch equivalent of the famous 'A great Day in Harlem' photo by Art Kane in 1958.
Click on the photo for a closer look at the result!

Kizzy in the Ä Great Day in Rotterdam' portret

August 20

Kizzy's new poem 'Creativity'
Kizzy has written a new poem. 'Creativity' was inspired by a photo she took infront of a famous bookstore in Amsterdam. It is a homage to what she calls her "ticket to the other side of the world". You can find 'Creativity' under lyrics.

Kizzy's poem 'Creativity'

July 25

Kizzy performs with @ Six and The Urban Flow Horns
On August 10th, the last day of the Festival, Kizzy made a guest appearance, performing a tune with the 2 Six band and he Urban Flow Horns on the main stage of the Kwaku Festival.

Kizzy with @ Six (Extended) and The Urban Flow Horns at the Kwaku Summer Festival

August 9

Kizzy on Sammy Juicy TV
Kizzy was interviewed by Sammy Juicy TV.
Kizzy on Sammy Juicy TV

August 9

Kizzy at the Kwaku Summer Festival on August 9.
On the 9th of August Kizzy was the host on the main stage Podium Waterweg of the Kwaku Summer Festival, and she was also one of the performing artists, singing her songs for the audience. She was joined by the dancers of the Yazzmin's Show Dance and Entertainement Agency.

July 25

Kizzy is confirmed to return to the Kwaku Festival 2014
on Saturday the 9th of August Kizzy will host the main stage 'Podium Waterkant' from 2pm - 10pm and perform on the same stage at 7pm and again at 8.30pm.

Kizzy op Kwaku Summer Festival

July 18

Kizzy completed a series of photographs for an upcoming project. The photos are made by art and photography duo Joop van Reijngoud and Linda Malherbe. Stay tuned!

Kizzy and Joop Reijngoud

July 13

Kizzy successfully opened Holland's biggest multicutural festival; the Kwaku Summer Festival. She was the host on the mainstage.

Kizzy op het Kwaku Festival 2014

July 5

Kizzy is announced to host the Kwaku Summer Festival on the 12th of July.

Kizzy op het Kwaku Summer Festival

July 28

Kizzy was interviewed by Djazz TV.

Kizzy on Djazz TV

July 27

A behind the scenes glimpse of 'A Great Day in Rotterdam, the Dutch version of 'A great Day in Harlem'.

Kizzy in 'A Great Day In Rotterdam'

A fun music moment with singer Denise Jannah.
Kizzy and Denise Jannah in 'A Great Day in Rotterdam"

July 22

Kizzy was invited to be part of the 'A great Day in Rotterdam' photoshoot by Joop Reijngoud at the Belvédère Vehalenhuis.
This musical project is the Dutch equivalent of the famous 'A great Day in Harlem' photo by Art Kane in 1958, were music veterans such as Coleman Hawkins, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie , Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus were invited to attend.

A Great Day in Harlem

June 19

Kizzy poses for an upcoming art project.
Photography: Jan Banning.

Kizzy with Jan Banning

June 14

Kizzy co-hosted the Pearls of the Dutch Caribbean Gala & Award show and sang her song 'Life Lessons' for the audience.

Kizzy at the 'Pearls of the Dutch Caribbean' Gala & Award Show

Kizzy interviews one of the night's winners, Quincy Gario on stage.

Kizzy with Quinsy Gario

May 5

On the 5th of May (Liberation Day) Kizzy was the presenter / entertainer at the '5 mei: Nationale Straatvoetbal Dag 2014' event, as she sang her songs and was the LIVE commentator during the socker games. More information.

Kizzy tijdens de 'S mei: Nationale Straatvoetbal Dag'

April 20

An impression of Kizzy's Mini-Concert 'Come and Celebrate Easter with Kizzy' at 'De Banier' Rotterdam on the 20th of April.

March 10

In June, Kizzy will host the annual Gala & Award show; 'Pearls of the Dutch Caribbean together with MC Quentin.

Kizzy will host Pearls of the Dutch Caribbean

March 2

Kizzy will be the host, performer and game-commentator at the '5 mei: Nationale Straatvoetbal Dag' event on Liberationday.

Kizzy hosts the '5 mei: Natinale Straatvoetbal Dag'

March 20

Kizzy at het Goois Jazz Festival
Kizzy performed with her band at the Goois Jazz Festival in SPANT!, Bussum. She also hosted the festival, announcing the performing acts on the different changes.

Kizzy op het Goois Jazz Festival

Kizzy introduces the Candy Dulfer Band together with Jazz Radio host Kent Hanson. Kizzy and Kent Hanson

March 15

Kizzy will give a Mini-Concert. 'Come and Celebrate Easter with Kizzy' will take place at 'De Banier' Rotterdam on the 20th of April.
More information

Kizzy's Easter mini-concert 'Come, and Celebrate Easter with Kizzy"

March 8

Kizzy performs and is the presenter of the Award giving Ceremony at the Tropical Paradise Gala in Amsterdam.

March 8

Kizzy hosted the 'International Women's Day' event in Bibliotheek Schiedam. She announced the performing acts, sang and recited her new poem 'Vrouwen' ('Women').

Kizzy - International Women's Day

February 27

Kizzy will host the Goois Jazz Festival together with Radio host Kent Hanson and she will perform there with her band on the 30th of March.

Kizzy and Kent  Hanson

February 15

Kizzy hosted the 'Miss Valentine' competition and was the gueststar singer at the annual beauty show.

Kizzy at "Miss Valentine'

December 15

Kizzy's new single 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' is out! Download it on iTunes.





Kizzy on Spotify