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Kizzy was invited by Stichting Roasrium as an inspirational speaker and to recite her poem 'Supervrouwen.










This is news of 2015
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Kizzy op swingin'groningen festival


Kizzy at the Swingin' Groningen Festival
Kizzy has been selected to perform at the Swingin' Groningen Showcase! Check out the event of het show on the 12th of June.



Kizzy op het loggerfestival


Kizzy at the Loggerfestival

Kizzy will perform at the Loggerfestival on the 13th of June!



Kizzy voor Sophia kinderziekenhuis


Kizzy for Sophia Children's Hospital

Kizzy will sing at the Charity for the patients of Sophia Children's Hospital on the 20th of June.



Kizzy op Podium BinnensteBuiten in Vlaardingen


Kizzy at Asher Muziek & Poezie

On the 7th of June Kizzy will perform at Asher Muziek rn Poezie on the 7th of June.



Kizzy on Djazz TV


Kizzy on Djazz TV
Kizzy was interviewed by Djazz TV. She speaks about her musical adventures in the United States, in Curacao, and in the Netherlands.



Kizzy op Podium BinnensteBuiten in Vlaardingen


Kizzy performs at Podium Binnenste Buiten
On the 17th of May, Kizzy will perform her music and poetry at Podium Binnenstebuiten.



Kizzy sings Hebrew at The Story of Schifrah


Kizzy sings Hebrew at the Art Exhibition about 'Schifrah'
In light of Remembrance Day, Kizzy was invited to sing Hebrew at the 'The story of Schifra' Art Exhibition at the Belvedere Verhalenhuis Rotterdam. Holocaust surviver Schifra from the USA visited the Netherlands to attend this event.


Kizzy on the cover of Zaman


Kizzy on the frontpage of newspaper

Kizzy is featured on the frontpage of Turkey's biggest newspaper Zaman Vandaag! Read the online version of the interview.

Kizzy at the Illustere school Schiedam


'All That Jazz' with Kizzy!
On the 21st of April, Kizzy will perform and speak about Jazz music from back in the day to today at de Illustere School Schiedam. More info + sign up here

Kizzy at the UNISCA/ SAMUN

  Kizzy at the UNISCA/ SAMUN event
Kizzy will be one of the speakers at the event of U.N.I.S.C.A. (United Nations International Student Conference of Amsterdam) and S.A.M.U.N. (Student Amsterdam Model United Nations), at the University of Amsterdam on April 18.

Kizzy met Het Koninklijk Schiedams Mannenkoor

  Kizzy sings 'The Prayer' with The Royal Schiedam Men's Choir 'Orpheus'
Happy Easter!
Kizzy sings 'The Prayer' with Het Koninklijk Schiedams Mannenkoor 'ORPHEUS' led by music director Charles van der Veeke. See video

Kizzy bij d SVP

  Kizzy's poem published on SVP
Kizzy's poem 'Supervrouwen' is published on the website of Schiedams Vrouwen Platform.
Read more

Kizzy met Hans van der Horst bij Popup TV


Kizzy sings 'All That Jazz' (small preview)
During Kizzy's TV interviewed by Han van der Horst, she spoke about her upcoming Show 'All That Jazz' which will take place on the 21st of April. See video

Kizzy'S POEM

  Kizzy's new poem (about the Right to Vote)
Female voices joined in fight 
And history they wrote
My forefathers died for this right
Since they got off the boat
Countless tears were shed for this
My ancestors have bled for this
So I'll never forget that THIS
Is why I'll always vote


Kizzy in International Magazine Kreol

  Kizzy in International Magazine Kreol
Kizzy is a featured artist in International Magazine Kreol in the article 'Kizzy - A Brilliant Entertainer'.
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Kizzy in Zaman Hollanda

  Kizzy in Zaman Hollanda
Kizzy is a featured in an article in Turkish newspaper Zaman Hollanda. The article is about Rosarium's Political Debate where Kizzy performed.
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  Kizzy at the Political Debate!
Kizzy will perform with poetry and music at the Political Debate in Rotterdam which is presented by Stichting Rosarium.
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  Kizzy at the LadiesRun!
Kizzy will participate in the Ladies Run marathon in Rotterdam.
Proceeds go to Pink Ribbon, the charity for breast cancer awareness.


  Kizzy's One Woman Show on International Women's Day!
Kizzy 's Show with poems. songs and lots of entertainement will be held on the 8h of March at Jeneverie 't Spul. Read the rest of this article

  Kizzy performs at the SVP for International Women's Day.
Kizzy will sing at the Schiedamse Vrouwen Platform and she will recite her poem 'Supervrouwen' (Super Women) on the music podium of De Graauwe Hengst.



  Kizzy performs at the opening of De Illustere School Schiedam.
Kizzy was invited to sing and speak about her upcoming shows and appearances.


  Kizzy as the soloist of the GZO Broadway Musical Concert: "A great success!"
Kizzy entertained and sang with Gemengd Zangkoor Oosterheide in front of an sold out audience.


  Kizzy LIVE on Look TV.
Kizzy was an invited guest on Radio Schiedam and appeared LIVE on Look TV.
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  Valentine's concert with Kizzy!
Kizzy's romantic concert will take place on Valentine's day.
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  Kizzy on ZOS Radio
Kizzy was interviewed on ZOS radio where she spoke about her upcoming shows.


  Kizzy speaks at Stichting Rosarium
Kizzy was invited to be a motivational speaker at Stichting Rosarium, and to recite her poem 'Supervrouwen'.



  Broadway Musical concert with Kizzy and GZO!
Kizzy will be the soloist in the Musical concert with Gemengd Zangkoor Oosterheide on the 8th of February.
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  Kizzy will perform at Muziek & Poezie bij Asher
Experience Kizzy's songs and poems on the 4th of January.

kizzy en rita young

  Kizzy on Omroep Vlaardingen
Kizzy's interview by Rita Young can now be found on


  Kizzy's TV interview
Kizzy was interviewed by Pop Up TV at het Glazen Huis in Winterland.
Read the rest of this article + Permalink


  Kizzy, host of Serious City charity event
Kizzy will host the Serious City / Serious Ambtenaar event (Serious Request) from 'Het Glazen Huis' in Winterland Schiedam.
Proceeds go to helping women who fall victem to war-crimes.


  Christmas concert with Kizzy and the Wilton Orchestra.
Kizzy is the soloist at the Christmas Concert of the Wilton Orchestra.


  Kizzy hosts the Serious Request charity event 'Hands off Our Girls.
Kizzy hosted the charity event from het Glazenhuis in Winterland Schiedam. Gemeente Schiedam raised more than €12000!

  Kizzy performs at the Manhattan Hotel.
Kizzy is the invited guest performer for anual Rosaria event at the Manhattan Hotel.



'Hands Off Our Girls' © - poem written by Kizzy

Fysiek misbruikt, en psychisch verdoofd
Zijn handen, verwoesten meer dan dynamiet
Ongestraft verminkt, van haar toekomst beroofd
Het lot van menig vrouw in oorlogsgebied
Overvallen, aangevallen, verstrikt in onmacht
Geslagen, verslagen, verstikt en verkracht
Weer een lichaam gebroken, weer een ziel uitgeblust
Dus 'Hands off our Girls!' Laat onze meisjes met rust!


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